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APS Company in Ha Noi

APS Company Limited is specialized in manufacturing, trading, supplying high quality plastic packaging products; Manufacture and sale of molds for plastic products.
Transaction name in Vietnamese: Công ty TNHH APS.
Transaction name in English: APS Company Limited. 
Short name: APS CO., LTD. 
Northern office in Viet Nam: Industrial Area of Phung, Phung Town, Dan Phuong District, Ha Noi City.
 Tel: (84-024) 33635035. Website:  www.nhuaaps.com .

Southern Office in Viet Nam: Chieu Lieu Quarter, Tan Dong Hiep Ward, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province. 
Tel: (84-0274) 6271861 – 3728372. Website:  www.apsplastic.com .

APSCompany Limited was established in 2002 in Binh Duong Province. In 2007, APS is expanded another factory in the North of Viet Nam. With the motto of “PrestigeNo. 1 – Customer-centric” , APS has become a supplier ofhigh-quality plastic packaging products, a reliable address for customers fromthe North to the South of Viet Nam.

With a team of highly skilled technicians, well trained workers; modern machinery and equipment line, using the most advanced technology at present; APS has been, and will meet all requirements of customers.                      

Main business sectors:

  • Producing and trading plastic products.
  • Manufacture and sale of molds for plastic products.
  • Ship agency services and freight forwarding.
APS Company in Binh Duong

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